The artist, Dr. Raja Srour, who was born, raised, and received his medical degree in Lebanon, has brought to this country a unique style of precision and design in the field of beauty and the human anatomy. His natural sense for esthetics was a great contributing factor in his decision to pursue specialized training in plastic surgery at Columbia University in New York City.

Now a private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Srour’s intense desire for harmony and perfection of the human body is apparent in his daily surgical work as well as in his artistic creations on canvas. This expression is further represented in his black and white collection of nudes, which reveals a deep appreciation of esthetics to the highest degree.

“I have dedicated my life to the study and the understanding of beauty,” says Dr. Srour. “Beauty is universal and at the same time subjective. The thrill I derive from creating beauty on canvas is only exceeded by the creation of beauty in people”

Dr. Srour’s art has been featured in publications such as AUB Magazine and Circle Magazine. His art has also been displayed in many private showings.


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